Sherpa Life and Culture GO-Short 2018

Apply March 15-April 15


The winter 2018/19 program will occur between  December  and January.  See the Details page (above) for more information.

This GO Short program focuses on the culture, geography and physiology of the life of the Sherpa people in the mountain kingdom of Nepal. 

This program is open to all majors and will give students; 

  1. •greater insight into the role of geography and culture in the lives of Nepalese, especially Sherpa people, 

  2. •experience of trekking in a high-altitude environment, 

  3. •clear examples of the effects of climate change. 

If you are planning to apply for this trip, please contact the program director Dr. David Richard, Professor of Biology for a discussion of the program as soon as possible. (

  1. Read a student blog from the 2013 trip

  1. Click here for photos of the 2015-16 trip

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Emily Rowlands (Sherpa Life 2013) was featured on the cover of Themis, the  Zeta Tau Alpha magazine.   

Susquehanna students, faculty and guides on the 2017 trip at the Mount Everest Base camp at 17,340’


The Sherpa Life and Culture program was recently recognized by the Forum on Education Abroad (above). This national organization promotes and supports study overseas, and included us in their online Curriculum Toolbox.

Mike Farina (Sherpa Life 2015) receiving a blessing from a Buddhist nun in Kathmandu