Sherpa Life and Culture   

Next trip December 2015 (applications open Spring 2015)


Seven SU students and three staff successfully completed the first Sherpa Life trip in January 2014.

This GO Short program focuses on the cultural, geographical and physiological aspects of the life of the Sherpa people in the mountain kingdom of Nepal while providing a challenging physical experience that in itself is life-defining for the participants.

This program is open to all majors and will give students

  1. greater insight into the role of place and culture in the lives of Nepalese, especially Sherpa people,

  2. an opportunity to increase their cultural knowledge of this country, its peoples and the differences with the United States,

  3. experience of trekking in a high-altitude environment: our high point is Kala Patthar at 18,540’ in the shadow of Sagarmatha (Mount Everest) at 29,029’,

  4. clear examples of the effects of climate change.

For more details, please contact

David S. Richard PhD. 

Professor of Biology,

Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences: 


A program of study in Kathmandu and the high mountain Khumbu region of Nepal. 

Susquehanna Students approaching the Mount Everest Base camp at 17,340’ on December 29th, 2013 (above) and at Boudhanath stupa in Kathmandu (below)