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Correlation of Ulna Length with Body Height.


Carefully measure the length of the ulna and record that with height in a common table.  All measurements should be to the nearest mm.

Ulna Measurements: Measure ulna length by placing the forearm on a table with the elbow against a wall.  Measure from the wall to the knob at the base of the hand below the small finger.

Height Measurements: Height must be measured with the person standing erect and without shoes.  Use a book or a board on the top of the head to determine height against a meter stick on the wall.

Record the data in the following table:



































Plot both numbers as a point on a graph with ulna length on the x-axis and height on the y-axis.  Plot the population of points as a scatter plot.  Do you see a trend?  If you use a program like Excel, you can run the best fit line through the points and ask it to give you the formula for the line.

You may use the formula to determine the heights of the persons who possessed the separate ulnas provided.


How might such a relationship be useful to know?


How did you use Cuvierís principle to do this?

By Jack R. Holt.  Last revised: 10/31/2010