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Biology 400, Spring 2012

Course Overview: Immunology is the study of the various ways in which living organisms protect themselves from potential pathogens in their environment, without damaging themselves too much in the process. It is a fascinating subject that will draw together many of the concepts that you have learned in your 100-300 level biology classes. In addition to learning about the basic biology of the immune system during lectures, videos and short class activities, you will have the opportunity to apply your new knowledge while solving current problems in immunology, from medical case studies to ethical considerations in new drug testing.

Lecture Course Learning Goals:  After taking this course, students will be able:

1. To describe the roles of B cells and T cells in the vertebrate immune response.

2. To describe how the innate and adaptive immune responses work together to combat pathogens.

3. To apply this basic knowledge during class activities such as case studies and team-based problems.

Course Information:

Instructor: Dr. Tammy Tobin
                        234 F New Science Building
                        phone x4067
                        Office Hours:  M,W,F 10-12 am. Other hours by appointment, and walk-ins are always welcome.
                       email: tobinjan@susqu.edu
                       Dr. Tobin's Home Page

Required Text: Immunobiology, 8th Edition (Murphy). An electronic version of this textbook is available, as are rental options.

Prerequisite Courses: Biology 201 or instructor's permission.

Class Attendance: Attendance, while not mandatory, will be critical to your final grade. As indicated in the schedule of events below, there will be a significant amount of material covered each day, and individual tutoring sessions to make up skipped classes are not likely to happen:-) Class outlines will always be available through the class syllabus, and I strongly recommend that you bring these with you to class, as students in the past have indicated that they help quite a bit with note taking.

Tests and Oral Presentations: All tests and oral presentations will be held during the regularly-scheduled class time, and attendance is mandatory. Make-ups are not normally possible. If you believe you have a valid reason for missing a test or activity, you must talk with me at least 48 hours in advance to arrange for a make-up activity. **Special note regarding spring break** No, you may not make up any class work missed as a result of spring break.

Cell phones: All cell phones must be turned off and put away during class, unless you have made specific arrangements with me in advance. Any cell phones that ring will be answered by me. Any cell phones that ring more than once during the semester will be removed from class, along with the person to whom they belong, until that person figures out how to use the off button. No graded work missed as a result of violating the cell phone policy can be made up.

Accommodations: I encourage all students with a documented learning difference to provide me with the necessary paperwork from disability services so that we can work together to make this course work for you.

Lecture Handouts and Schedule of Events: Click Here

Grades: Your grades will be determined by your score on three unit exams (20% each), a final class presentation (15%), and a take-home cumulative final exam (25%) according to the scale below:

94-100% = A

90-93% = A-

87-89% = B+

84-86% = B

80-83% = B-

77-79% = C+

74-76% = C

70-73% = C-

67-69% = D+

64-66% = D

60-63% = D-

Below 60% = F


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